Atlanta Rail Corridor Archive

Welcome to the Atlanta Rail Corridor Archive, a site that traces the history of the historic rail corridor that is currently under redevelopment as the Atlanta BeltLine. This site showcases items from repositories around the city of Atlanta and the United States, gathered and posted by students in HIST 8885, Theory and Practice of Digital History, a course in the Heritage Preservation Program at Georgia State University. Students have also created narrative exhibits that interrogate themes relevant to the history of the Rail Corridor including communities, neighborhoods, educational institutions, businesses, and the changing uses of the natural and built environment. 

Students have made a concerted effort to obtain permission for the use of items on this site. Rights and licenses are posted on the individual item pages.  If you have any questions or need to request that an item be taken down, please contact the project coordinator, Adina Langer, at 

Recently Added Items

Interactive Map of the Cotton States and International Exposition

Interactive Map.png.jpg

Click on circle to see more pictures and information about the exhibitions and attractions of the Cotton States and International Exposition!