Drone Video of Bellwood Quarry shot by American Drone Industries.

Conceptual Map of West Side Reservoir Park

Conceptual map of the future West Side Reservoir Park; courtesy of Atlanta Beltline Inc.

Atlanta is a beautiful place to live, work, and play. The weather is such that a multitude of activities can be had in all seasons. Atlanta parks are a highly valued by the city's residents, and are used for diverse purposes. Cycling, walking, picnics, nature observation, and rrecreation are just a small sample of the uses people have for parks. In 2006 when the City of Atlanta took over the existing Bellwood Quarry, they did so with a plan to eventually turn the Quarry into Atlanta's newest and largest park. The Quarry which is located on the West Side of the city will also be transformed into a 30 day emergency resevoir for the city of Atlanta.

One of the hopes that the beltline project has for the new park is to encourage some revitalization to an area of the city that has seemingly been forgotten about. With the tranformation of the quarry, the city of Atlanta hopes to entice new business near and around the revitalized area of the park. With new business also comes the need for living space. The city plans to build new infill housing in the surrounding neighboorhoods like Grove Park. 

Once the park is complete its roughly 300 acres will be a mixed use facility. Some will be used by Watershed Management operations, the resevoir will hold around 1 billion gallons of raw emergency water, and the rest will be transformed into greenspace. Cycling is a favorite leasuire activity for many Atlantans, and the bike trails through the park will eventually connect to the beltline, and Atlanta's famouis Silver Comet Trail. Basketball and baseball facilities will be provided, along with an open ampitheater and nature viewing areas.