Stunt Scenes at Bellwood Quarry.

Stunt Scenes filmed at Bellwood Quarry

As industry moved out of the United States due to cheaper labor and fewer regulations across international borders, former industrial cities began to look for new ways to stabilize the urban economy. Atlanta is no different in this pursuit. Two of the ways the city has gone about incentivizing business and residents has been through the television and film industry, and revitalization of the city through the beltline project.

For years Atlanta has been the home of television giant Turner Industries. TBS, CNN, Peachtree T.V., and Cartoon Network are just a few of the existing channels that extend from the hub of Turner. Recently Atlanta has benefitted from the warm welcome the state of Georgia has extended to the television and film industry. Tax incentives being the most appealing of the offers, the state of Georgia provides up to 30% of production expenditures in the state in transferable tax credits.10% Georgia Entertainment Promotion uplift can be earned if the production agrees to embed the Georgia Logo on their project. This logo may be familiar to those who watch a films credits. These are just a few of the incentives available to film and television producers in Georgia.

Atlanta has been the recipient of many of these projects. The popular Tyler Perry has based all of his productions in not only Georgia, but the city of Atlanta. Other recent films like Life as We Know it and Ride Along have used the city as the back drop of their stories. The Bellwood Quarry has also been a popular attraction for film and movie crews. Taking advantage of the quarry’s natural beauty, and landscape that seems more fitting in the western mountains than in Atlanta, movie and television crews have used the quarry as a backdrop in their stories. From the popular television series The Walking Dead, to the highly followed movie series of Fast and Furious and the Hunger Games, Bellwood Quarry has been a popular screen set.