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The Attractions

No turn-of-century fair would be complete without a Midway of peculiarly assorted amusements. The Cotton States and International Exposition was no exception. From vaudeville to circus, from museum to menagerie, from ferris wheel to mystic maze, the exposition’s Midway Heights had it all. 

The Midway also included a number of “ethnographic” villages as attractions, such as the Streets of Cairo or the Chinese Village, where visitors could come face to face with the exotic peoples from distant lands. Many of these exhibitions of cultural groups, such as the Native Americans, were depicted as eccentric and outlandish curiosities, meant to be gawked at for entrainment.

Click on an image below to see some of the most popular attractions of the Cotton States and International Exposition’s Midway Heights:

To see more about the diverse groups represented by the Midway’s “ethnographic villages,” click on the following link: