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The Role of Technology and Transportation

The sheer scale of the exposition would not have been possible without an extensive network of railways to transport the supplies to build the exhibitions and to carry the volume of visitors to the site. Several railroad companies provided additional trains and cars to accommodate the flow of visitors to Atlanta and to the exposition. Southern Railway ran a total of 3,526 extra cars, Western and Atlantic Railroad ran 1,800 extra cars, and Seabond Airline rain 531 extra cars. Southern Railroad also put in additional track leading from the city station to the east side of the Cotton State and International Exposition grounds, charging passengers a rate of 10 cents to be taken directly to Piedmont Park. The rail lines also reduced their fares, particularly for trains coming from long distances to the exposition. This was to encourage visitors across the country to travel to the fair. Travelers from less than 200 miles from the exposition paid anywhere from 2 ½ to 3 cents per mile whereas travelers from more than 200 miles away were charged 2 cents per mile. The low prices were hailed as a success, bringing in close to 22,000 ticket sales from visitors traveling from 200 or more miles from the exposition site.