The Wren's Nest

This exhibit focuses on The Wren’s Nest in the West End and its original owner, Joel Chandler Harris, who created the famous Uncle Remus character, wherein he popularized the original Br’er Rabbit stories.  The Wren’s Nest now acts as both a house museum and a place for young writers to hone their work.  The Atlanta Beltline runs through the Historic West End neighborhood, only a few blocks from The Wren’s Nest, which has opened up the area to greater numbers of people to discover this hidden gem.  The Beltline West End trail falls on the Westview Cemetery, where Harris is currently buried.  The house museum has been in the area since 1870, has participated in events sponsored by The Beltline, and a mural along the West End trail features the character of Uncle Remus.  This project will include information regarding Harris’ influence through the recording of these oral stories, as well as his contributions to the Atlanta history through both these stories and his journalistic endeavors with the Atlanta Constitution.