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Georgia Tech: A School History


 The Georgia School of Technology was founded on October 13, 1885. Several years later, in 1888, they welcomed their first class, consisting of only eighty-four students (all male.) The founding of the school helped show how the South was going from an agricultural economy to an industrial one. In 1948, the name of the school was changed to the 'Georgia Institute of Technology,' even though today, most people, specially those here in Atlanta, know it as 'Georgia Tech,' or simply 'Tech.' Female students were first welcomed at Georgia Tech in 1952. In 1961, Georgia Tech famously became the first college in the Deep South to allow African American students without needing a court order, thus creating a more culturally-diverse campus, a tradition that still continues at Georgia Tech.

 Georgia Tech has always  been intertwined with the Atlanta Beltline. When the school was first founded, students used streetcars and trains on the Beltline to commute to and from school. Today, students mostly use cars and public transport to commute to and from Georgia Tech's campus, but The Atlanta Beltline still continues to be intertwined with Georgia Tech because the whole idea of the Atlanta Beltline project was the idea of Georgia Tech student Ryan Gravel, for his Masters Thesis at Georgia Tech.