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Full length view of Milton Smith playing golf.

Article announcing the impending construction of a belt line of railroad tracks around the city. By doing so, the railroads' goal was to reduce freight traffic within Atlanta's downtown.

Football game played between Auburn and University of Georgia at Piedmont Park on November 28th during the Cotton States Exposition ended in defeat for the Bulldogs. In the background railroad cars are shown on the main line of Southern Railway and…

Street scene from an elevated vantage point across Georgia Railroad tracks in the foreground and a view of Whitehall (now Peachtree) Street.

Steam engine number 290 at a company roundhouse waits for its next trip.

Originally established on the Western and Atlantic Railroad at Foundry Street, Edward Van Winkle moved the operation further out of downtown Atlanta to this brick plant located at the junction of the W & A, Seaboard and Southern railways.

View of the Atlanta Special, a Seaboard Air Line passenger train that ran daily between Atlanta and Washington, D. C. during the 1890s.

Bird’s eye view of downtown Atlanta, Georgia looking northwest from the dome of the Capitol Building. In the middle right is seen Georgia Railroads freight office.

Employees pose outside the office building at the Seaboard railroad yards near the waterworks reservoir. Shown are T.W. Coogler, yard clerk; R. Schmidt; J.A. Scott, telegraph operator; J.W. Carrie, telegraph operator; W.R. Purtell, transfer platform;…