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Originally established on the Western and Atlantic Railroad at Foundry Street, Edward Van Winkle moved the operation further out of downtown Atlanta to this brick plant located at the junction of the W & A, Seaboard and Southern railways.

View of the Atlanta Special, a Seaboard Air Line passenger train that ran daily between Atlanta and Washington, D. C. during the 1890s.

Employees pose outside the office building at the Seaboard railroad yards near the waterworks reservoir. Shown are T.W. Coogler, yard clerk; R. Schmidt; J.A. Scott, telegraph operator; J.W. Carrie, telegraph operator; W.R. Purtell, transfer platform;…

Historical topographic map of Atlanta and the surrounding region. Surveyed in 1887-8, the map depicts extant belt line railroads in the Northside and Northeast segments of the Atlanta Beltline.

Superimposed on a street map of Atlanta, the area subject to Atlanta's Beltline Overlay District zoning is shown in light green.

Copy of an illustrated map of Atlanta showing buildings owned by Georgia Railway and Power Company, a predecessor to Georgia Power Company, and the railroad lines that comprise the Atlanta Beltline.