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1949 aerial photograph of Atlanta and region.

1949 aerial photography mosaic of the City of Atlanta and region. This aerial photography mosaic was created by georeferencing and stitching together a collection of 124 aerial photographs of Atlanta.

Color map showing Grant Park, Cyclorama Building, Grant Park Baptist Church and W.F. Slaton School.

This map is a conceptual drawing of Bellwood Quarry. The map depicts what the park will look like as it becomes West Side Reservoir Park.

Click on circle to see more pictures and information about the exhibitions and attractions of the Cotton States and International Exposition!

Map showing the location of the new Atlanta Farmers' Market in 1935 in the block bounded by Courtland Street, Gilmer Street, Decatur Street, and Piedmont Avenue.

Diagram of the Forrest Park location of the Atlanta State Farmers' Market.
"The farmers' shed area at the Atlanta State Farmers' Market covers 89,600 square feet of covered docking area and 340,480 square feet of covered loading and unloading space.…