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Description on verso: "Stella Bryant (from left) joins Joyce Brookshire, Mayor Andrew Young, Mrs. Bryant's grandson Christopher, Barbara Jackson, city councilman Robb Pitts, and State Representative Ralph David Abernathy III at the site of the…

Excerpt from short Scifi film about a scientist working on memory who forgets where his house is and drives through increasingly decaying areas in search of it. In this reel, he drives past bungalow houses circa 1950-75. Some washed out footage of…

View to north up Reinhardt Street in Cabbagetown.

Exterior view of the formerly operating Fulton Bag & Cotton Mill complex in the Cabbagetown neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia.

A picture of the destruction of the Confederate arsenal at the site of the Rolling Mills. Present day Oaklnad Cemetery is in the background on the right.