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This is a photo of the quarry taken by Beltline Inc.

This map is a conceptual drawing of Bellwood Quarry. The map depicts what the park will look like as it becomes West Side Reservoir Park.

This document shows the projected plans for beltline subarea 9 on the West Side of Atlanta. Contained in the document is maps and images depicting how the new West Side Reservoir Park may look.

This document gives an overview of the progress that has been made on the Beltline project and what will be expected in the future. This document has great photographs including one of the Bellwood Quarry.

This file gives a 25 year plan for the redevelopment of brownfields along the beltline. In this document their is a great description and photographs of the Bellwood Quarry now and its proposed look upon completion.

This is an ariel photograph of a section of Atlanta's west side in 1949. The photograph shows the Bellwood Quarry before much of the granite had been removed.