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Newspaper article detailing a petition being filed charging the curb market as a nuisance with multiple cases of disorderly conduct and lewdness. The petition was signed by several local businesses, churches, and city employees.

Newspaper article describing the plans for the creation of Produce Row in Atlanta including a map of its location on Hunter Street between Washington Street Viaduct and Central Avenue and a drawing of what the building will look at.

Newspaper article describing crowded conditions at the Atlanta State Farmers Market with photographic examples.

Newspaper article describing the crowded conditions of the Atlanta Farmers' Market on Murphy Avenue.

Map showing the location of the new Atlanta Farmers' Market in 1935 in the block bounded by Courtland Street, Gilmer Street, Decatur Street, and Piedmont Avenue.

Diagram of the Forrest Park location of the Atlanta State Farmers' Market.
"The farmers' shed area at the Atlanta State Farmers' Market covers 89,600 square feet of covered docking area and 340,480 square feet of covered loading and unloading space.…

Photographs of produce from the Atlanta State Farmers Market.
"The products of the Atlanta market change with the seasons. In October, there are mountains of golden pumpkins and fruit of the fall harvest. In December there are Christmas trees and…

Photograph of children eating watermelon at the State Farmers Market in Forrest Park.
"The 'no hands' watermelon eating contest created excitement and fun for all concerned at the annual Watermelon Day celebration held in the Atlanta State Farmers'…

Photograph of crowd on Watermelon Day at the Forrest Park location of the State Farmers Market.
"Many special events now occur year-round at the Atlanta market. One of the most popular and enduring is Watermelon Day sponsored by the State…

Photograph of Agriculture Commissioner Phil Campbell with a model of the proposed layout for the new location of the State Farmers' Market in Forest Park.
"Agriculture Commissioner Phil Campbell examines a scale model of the Atlanta State Farmers'…