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Printed on assignment sheet: "Cabbagetown community worried about heavy truck traffic had a little help from [Mayor] Andy Young when he vetoed a proposal for a piggy backing facility seen in background where the cotton mill stands. Now new proposals…

Newspaper caption: "For $12 million, the city of Atlanta will get 1.9 million square feet of office space in its purchase of the Sears building on Ponce de Leon Avenue, October 26, 1990." Newspaper caption: Although Sears, Roebuck and Co. says it…

This image shows the Electricity and Transportation Buildings of the Cotton States and International Exposition.

View of the Illinois Building which served as a headquarters for people from the state visiting the exposition, but did not offer an exhibition in the building.

A short story written by Joel Chandler Harris about the Reconstruction period.

View of an Native American chief, dubbed Mr. Lo by the photographer, in the Indian Village exhibit of the Midway. Mr. Lo was in reality Two-Strike, a Sioux headman.

Newspaper article describing the plans for the creation of Produce Row in Atlanta including a map of its location on Hunter Street between Washington Street Viaduct and Central Avenue and a drawing of what the building will look at.

Walt Disney on the property of The Wren's Nest for Atlanta's premier of "Song of the South."

George Terrell, the man who Uncle Remus was based on.